Phish your own users before the bad guys do

KnowBe4 expands activities to the European continent.

Clearwater (FL), January 6, 2016 - KnowBe4, provider of solutions to improve the security awareness of users is expanding her activities to the European continent.

Over the last few years, thousands of organizations in the U.S have started to phish their own users. IT pros have realized that increasing the security awareness of the users is urgently needed as an additional security layer.

The KnowBe4 solutions combine security awareness training with the Simulated Phishing Platform. Only the Simulated Phishing Platform will be provided in The Netherlands and Belgium, and partnerships will be established with existing providers of local security awareness training.

Users will receive regularly a simulated phishing attack through the Phishing Security Platform, to keep them aware of cyber threats, not only within the walls of your organization but also at home. The built-in reporting shows the progress of the organization as a whole and the individual users and provides insight in which group of users will need additional coaching or training. Reports can also be used for compliancy purposes to prove to auditors that the organization has established a professional policy to increase the security awareness of the users.

The Phishing Security Platform is available as a self-service (SaaS) solution, and partners and security staff can quickly and easily schedule tests using hundreds of standard templates.

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