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One to Smile starts activities in Benelux

More clicks and conversion with personalized images

November 5, 2015 - One to Smile, the Berlin-based provider of personalized images, is spreading her wings to The Netherlands and Belgium. One to Smile will - through her partnership with Ampreso Europe - actively seek cooperation with marketing partners in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Personalized images
One to Smile integrates names and personal message in images: SMiP - Short Message in Picture. The name of the receiver is embedded in a captivating image. Seeing your own name visualized in an image triggers fundamental neurological patterns of perception. The effect: significantly higher attention. SMiPs can be used in e-mail, landing pages, e-cards, social media advertizements, and any other message that can be personalized.

Meike Müller, CSO of One to Smile: "We are primarily seeking cooperation with partners for our expansion in The Netherlands and Belgium. These partners are able to advise their clients about beautiful and catching campaigns in e-mail marketing, social media and on web sites."

The personalized images are hosted on the One to Smile servers and can be called easily via a dynamic link. It will work with any Email Service Provider, no changes in the infrastructure are required.