Inversoft Passport

Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)

Identity and user management is key to a company’s success. Yet, building and managing identity and user management can quickly become a strain on developer resources and a burden on the company as a whole.

Is your team of engineers focused on high value activities? Or are they bogged down by basic user management tasks such as password resets and deprovisioning?

Passport replaces dated directories and relieves businesses of the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an identity and user management system; it delivers a unified approach for managing usersï across all applications.

Passport provides complete authentication, security and scalability with an easy REST API. In addition, Passport adds user management features such as user registration, permissions, password reset tools, webhooks, localization and emailing.

Passport gives your application a robust, secure and centralized user infrastructure that can be deployed in minutes rather than months and will scale to future challenges. The Passport API is purpose-built with features that save teams time, reduce risk and deliver a seamless experience for both internal and external users. IT can offload maintenance to a trusted provider to increase productivity and focus on what matters: the core product.

You don't need full-time experts in Active Directory, LDAP or other complex identity management systems to ensure usability and security across an entire application. With Passport, identity and user management can be driven by business needs and requirements, not IT capabilities and budgets.

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